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 VariFAS provides sustainable solution for cost-efficient industrial fatty acids

VariFAS is developing technology to produce novel fatty acids from agricultural sugars via microbial fermentation. Specifically, our products include omeg-7 monounsaturated fatty acids and medium-chain 3-hydroxyl fatty acids, which are not currently available in the market.

Our technology is based on comprehensive understanding of the key components of fatty acid synthesis (FAS) pathway as well as the regulation of FAS pathway in microorganisms. By tailoring and enzyme that controls the output of FAS pathway and manipulating other components in the FAS pathway, microorganisms can be engineered to produce desired fatty acids. VariFAS’s technology Research & Development has included enzyme modification, microbial strain engineering, fermentation optimization, and separation process development. This integrated process will transform sugar to desired fatty acids which can be easily extracted. Because VariFAS’s products will have much simpler composition of fatty acids than any vegetable oils or animal fats, they can be directly used in the following manufacturing process and can eliminate the costly separation process. VariFAS’s platform technology can potentially be designed to produce various fatty acids and fatty acid derivatives.